Springfield Research Service was founded by Franklin Mallory, an ardent research specialist and author. Areas of interest to collectors are: The US MARTIAL ARMS COLLECTOR MAGAZINE & Springfield Research Newsletter; serial number letters for US Military weapons based on government documents.

SRS products are available for subscribers to the US Martial Arms Collector magazine only.
Letters for known serial numbers are available from over 100,000 serial numbers.  Subscribers have the use of ads in the Trading Post and a limited amount of serial number verifications, at no charge.
The US Martial Arms Collector and SRS Newsletter is $35 per year ($45 foreign delivery). New data is found on a continuing basis and many new weapons and history are added to our data base. Categories include Springfield rifles 1894 to WW2, Civil War, Colts, S&W, Sharps, and others. Documentaion on Custer and Roosevelt.
Please contact US Martial Arms Box 126, Cabin John, MD 20818.

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